CrackBerry – the new Thanksgiving treat


turkey.jpgYou crazy Americans – always behind the times. The BlackBerry Cool staff celebrated the day over a month ago, but nice to see you’re finally getting off the boat to celebrate Thanksgiving.

According to this Washington Post article, a new study’s been put together by T-Mobile stating that BlackBerrys and other mobile devices are used more during the holiday season than during your mundane everyday lives. After interviewing a thousand users, T-Mobile came up with some notable stats.

* 70 percent of young adults aged 18 to 22 and 56 percent of parents surveyed say they’ve made or answered wireless calls during a holiday gathering.

* 35 percent of young adults say they’ve read or sent an e-mail or text message under the dinner table.

* 67 percent of parents and young adults now agree that it is okay to use their mobile phone during gatherings.

Are you one of the insensitive who’re yapping away while your family is digging into the bird (or Tofurkey for those health nuts)? I used my Pearl to get cooking tips from the folks. My stuffing was looking a little awkward so I took a shot and sent it to the fam and got the proper recipe – thanks for saving my Thanksgiving, BlackBerry.