ThoughtPiece: A BlackBerry Thanksgiving


The rest served him well, folks. Thought returns this week with an insightful and respectable commentary regarding the past year in BlackBerry world. Got something to add? Leave a comment and let us know.

In America this week we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and so I thought it only appropriate to pause and reflect on what we BlackBerry fans can be grateful for this year. By anyone’s estimation this has been a very good year for the BlackBerry, and so without further ado here are the highlights.

1) The BlackBerry Pearl. The introduction of the Pearl fulfilled a longstanding dream of many: a BlackBerry device that was fun and stylish as well as practical. The product is already proving itself to be a winner in the marketplace as well as with the press, and is transforming a whole new group of consumers into BB fans. RIM has scored big with its foray into the consumer market and revealed a whole new dimension to its design philosophy.

2) The BlackBerry 8800. For those for whom the Pearl isn’t good enough, there are the rumors of the upcoming 8800 series release to keep your hopes alive. With a full QWERTY keyboard and integrated WiFi in a Pearl-like design, the 8800 models may prove to be the Holy Grail for many BlackBerry fans.