ThoughtPiece: A BlackBerry Thanksgiving


3) The soaring stock price for RIM. On January 3, the first trading day of this year RIM stock traded at $66.60 per share on the NASDAQ exchange. As of the close of markets on November 20 that same stock sold for $137.41 per share, for a whopping gain of 106.32% in less than 1 year. For those of you lucky enough to have invested in RIM stock, the payoff is obvious. However, all of us BlackBerry fans, whether invested or not, can be satisfied knowing that our favorite gadget-maker is swimming in cash to invest in the research and development of new products.

4) The Boy Genius. No doubt a central player in the drama of new BlackBerry releases has been an information source who calls himself the “Boy Genius.” The past few months just wouldn’t have been the same in the BlackBerry world without him. Never before has a source leaked so much so accurately with such style and impunity. Kudos to the Boy Genius and let us not forget all of the others who are intrepid enough to let us in on the really good insider secrets.

5) Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system is still a turkey. Lucky for RIM, it’s most aggressive competitor is still offering up an OS that is buggy and difficult to use. Only Microsoft would be clueless enough to defy the convention it helped create and make the “close” icon really mean “minimize” and in the process hopelessly clog up system memory. No wonder why Apple isn’t quivering in worry over the Microsoft Zune.

So there you have it…a veritable cornucopia of BlackBerry goodness. For those in Canada who have already celebrated a few weeks ago, treat yourself again…there’s plenty of reasons to be thankful.