BlackBerry users shouldn’t have drive


texting_while_driving.jpgBlackBerry users need to learn a few things. Apparently manners is near the top of the list as so many of you like to whip out your devices during family dinners and the like – shame, shame. But now you’ve got to learn not to be texting and driving at the same time (wasn’t it obvious in the first place?), say reports from various CBS affiliates. This is like saying that sticking a plastic bag around your head probably isn’t the brightest idea – pretty obvious. Reporter Susan Koeppen got into the driver’s seat armed with a BlackBerry to try things out herself.

She got into Virttex, the company’s $3 million driving simulator, armed with her Blackberry.

Her every move was tracked by Mike Blommer, who runs Virrtex.

Koeppen was “driving” 65 mph on an interstate, checking messages on her blackberry, and had some harrowing close calls when she looked down for just moments.

The report cites an incident where a teen behind the wheel killed an older gentleman on his bicycle, the young’un decided to text a pal, wasn’t paying attention, and managed to kill the senior. Obviously your story’s severity won’t match up, but how about it folks – has texting ever got you in trouble in some form or another?