Is that a cop in your pocket?


popo.jpgProbably not the best pick-up line, is my assumption – but police in Lancaster County, PA, might be hearing it from the hardened criminals they’ll be strolling up to on the street. Those untraditional po-po who patrol the city on horses, bikes, and on foot will be making use of “Pocket Cop”, a mobile version of state and federal databases available for the BlackBerry, says CBS affiliate WHP in Lancaster. Now they’ve got even more tools to get you on your knees and begging for forgiveness – wasn’t pepperspray enough?

Officer Michael Corso of the Lancaster City Police gives the run-down on the new deployment.

“They can run criminal background checks, get information on people’s driving records and stay informed on what’s going on around the county and in their patrol area.

“A lot of times when you’re on bike, foot or horse back, you’re not really in touch with what’s going on. The computer isn’t there displaying what’s going on,” said Corso.

In the palm of their hand, they can access information quickly, without calling for help.

“We can do vehicle , person checks we can do it all here and don’t need to radio it in,” said Corso.

I guess if I have any commentary on this story, it’s a hurrah for Lancaster County – way to go and advance with the rest of the world. For everyone else – there’s more of a chance for you to get caught in Lancaster now. Be wary.