Weekend Contest: The Cingular Effect – updated



Ok. This is it. Apart from actual release news (unless, like the Treo, these babies ship without mic’s), this is the last we’ll touch on Cingular’s Pearl until it actually sits on the shelf. But since both our inboxes and this site have been flooded with Cingular-related junk this week, we figured what better circle to center our weekend contest around. This is your chance to let us know how you really feel.

You know the story – lies and misleadings from various sources regarding the launch of the Pearl have caused Cingular users some ulcers over the past couple of weeks. Sure, there’s a lot of blame to be tossed around as to who contributed to that pain and suffering, but lack of communication on Cingular’s part is up there as a main reason. So this week we ask: Does the way a company handle itself privately effect your purchase decisions? Is the shaky release of the Pearl on Cingular going to bring you to T-Mobile or Sprint for your next device? How does lack of news from a company affect your overall view of them?

— update —

Thanks to Ned who shot us this. Our first look at Cingular’s marketing efforts for the Pearl, torn out of newsprint. If any of you see any more, hit us up.


This week’s winner will go home with a copy of Magmic’s brand new Backgammon King – available on BPlay. To those of you who’ve yet to receive your prizes from previous weeks, again, all apologies and we’re making the necessary adjustments to make sure holes get filled. Please contact us with any concerns at info@blackberrycool.com .