BlackBerry patent configures keyboard


And so continues the battle of the keypads. This time, it’s not really QWERTY vs. SURE, but moreso how to give a QWERTY keypad solid numerical functionality while keeping the typing style that we’ve all come to know and love. This all coming from a new patent that surfaced today from RIM. Before I show you the abstract from the aforementioned patent – show of hands: SURE or QWERTY? Now then, read on.

“A physical keyboard for a handheld mobile communication device having a plurality of keys with corresponding indicia including keys simultaneously presenting associated alphabetic indicia and associated numeric indicia. The alphabetic indicia correspond to letters A-Z that are arranged in a QWERTY pattern and the numeric indicia correspond to at least numerals 1-9 that are arranged in an ITU Standard E.161 phone keypad pattern. At least some of the numerals and at least some of the letters are presented on the same keys thereby establishing an overlaid relationship. The keys that present alphabetic indicia number fewer than 26.”