BlackBerry patent marks calendars wirelessly

Two patents in the past two days - RIM really is working hard. Yesterday we were talking keypads, today we’re looking at calendars. A new patent coming from RIM out of the USPTO offices has recurring events from your calendar being sent wirelessly. So this patent takes those routine-type meetings, the recurring events that you can choose to hide on your calendar, and sends out reminders until you set the end date. Admittedly, the abstract made my head spin a little at eight in the morning, but I think I’ve got a grasp on it. Check the abstract after the jump, read the patent yourself, and, if you’re so inclined, Russ has some more insight.

A system and method for preventing the lapse of a recurring event includes an electronic calendar program having the capability of establishing a recurring event with a predetermined end date. A processor is operative for notifying an organizer of the event at a predetermined time of the end date for the recurring event and permitting the organizer to modify the end date of the recurring event if the event is to continue.

The electronic calendar program and processor is operative in a mobile wireless communications device that includes a housing and radio frequency (RF) transceiver contained within the housing such that notifications of the new end date can be transmitted to and received by attendees of the event, including any changed meeting information.

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