LumberCell launched in the woods


brawny.jpgIt’s not everyday you get to say “timber” at work, a joy America’s lumberjacks probably take for granted. Well, now they’ve got the best of all world’s as LumberCell has been rolled out on the BlackBerry by Unique Data Solutions. According to the release, LumberCell is the “coolest, must-have solution for the vibrant, self-motivated, high achieving salesperson and mobile worker”. The new software offers lumber-salespeople constant access to company information, order processing, and increased productivity.

“LumberCell is designed to be used by the goals oriented salesperson, or by performance driven sales team that add value to the bottom line. LumberCell is compatible with most hand held devices such as BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Dell Axim series, HP iPAQ, palm pilot, and smart phones. LumberCell is a software add-on to Lumbergear, an all-in one business management software system.

Lumbergear features a powerful, integrated system that allows for easy lumber inventory tracking and costing information, lumber truckload and retail sales, customer order fulfillment and invoicing, purchasing, production, logistics, graphs, analysis, integrated reporting functions and much more. The powerful integration feature between LumberCell and Lumbergear make the duo a powerful solution for serious lumber companies.”

To purchase LumberCell, or view an online demo, visit or You’re looking at a $60 USD shell-out.