BlackBerryThemeCentral’s Shayne McIntosh interviewed

When did you decide to be a part of the BlackBerry game, and why did you choose themes as a route?

Whenever I get a new gadget, I like to learn everything about it. So I would frequent sites like Howard Forums and Blackberry forums looking for information on my newfound e-mail machine. Which I currently have 8 different emails forwarded to. When I came accross the theme section on BB Forums I was very excited to know that there was a way to change the look of my device. So I did some research and I downloaded the Theme builder software and started to make themes for myself. I started to post screens of the themes that I had created on BB Forums and since then I have been getting requests for themes and I have not looked back.

Where do you get your inspiration for the themes you put out?

My inspiration comes from things that interest me. Like my Mario Theme, I am a big fan of video games and thought that it would be cool to have the blackberry Icons on my Berry changed to the characters from the game. But lately I just try to create themes that will appeal to everyone.

How long does it take? What’s the process behind creating a theme?

Creating a theme can take anywhere from a few minutes to a week or more. You see there are 2 types of themes and creators. Most of the themes available are really just a different background and incoming call screen and to me that’s not really a theme at least not a well thought out theme. Most of my themes you won’t see anywhere else as I like to get the feel of the theme in every possible way. As in colors of font, menu screens, buttons (answer and delete or ok and cancel) and the icons.

Yes I may have some of the plain themes on my site however they are from requests. If I wanted to have thousands of themes on my site it would be very easy to do but I would not feel right putting out lame themes its just not me.

The process…let’s say you want a fishtank theme like the one I recently made. I started out with the background and incoming call screen then I made each Icon with a water effect on the roll over. Before the rollover the icons are faded so looks like they are in the tank then on the rollover icons are 100 percent visible with water droplets on them giving the effect of coming out of the water.

Also the menu and title bar have water drops giving more feel to the theme. The fish tank theme took a little over a week and is very popular I am thinking of another version with fish as the icons.

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