BlackBerrys build a better banker

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Oh, alliteration. We’re happy to report that thanks to BlackBerrys, there’ll no longer be a plethora of inexperience behind the counter at the bank. Well, not just yet, but hopefully soon. In an article found on the Times Online from the UK, turns out BlackBerrys are going to be used to administer a series of tests to aspiring bankers. Merril Lynch have already stepped up and said that they’ve adopted the system, and more seem eager to follow. Does anything like this exist in any other profession?

“The software behind the scheme, which will be rolled out next month, is being developed by Intuition, the IT group owned by Dermot Desmond, the veteran Irish investor who recently sold City Airport for an estimated £750 million.

Reflecting what executives have dubbed the “Google-isation” of modern banking, the system will enable dealmakers to access custom-made crib sheets of technical terms covering areas such as derivatives markets. Staff will also be encouraged to access training ranging from induction courses and office ethics to compliance codes.”

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