BlackBerryThemeCentral’s Shayne McIntosh interviewed

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Since I’ve been on the BlackBerryCool block, I’ve made some decent acquaintances. One that’s stood out is BlackBerryThemeCentral’s Shayne, a fellow Canadian and hugely active member of the BlackBerry community, supplying an abundance of themes from his website. He was kind enough to have a virtual sit down with us as we look over his past and look into the future of BlackBerry themes.

Can you give me some background on yourself?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Both of my parents are from St. Vincent a small Island in the Carribean. I have two wonderful sons that keep me going. I have sales and customer service background. I have been working in the cellular business for the past 6 years for two of the leading cellular companies here in Canada. I am currently in the data support field for blackberry’s, pda’s, pocket pc’s and regular cell phones.

When and why did you first pick up a BlackBerry?

I received my first BlackBerry (7250 model) Feb of this year. It was given to me for free through work as I am also a Data Support Ambassador for my current company.

What did you think of the device before it became such an integral part of your life?

Well, I owned a Treo 600 for approximately one year prior to getting the my Blackberry 7250 and honestly I did not think that it would replace my Treo. But it took less than a week for me to switch the Blackberry from my demo line to my personal number. I still use my Treo but mostly as an mp3 player - ha.

  • Aisha samson
    Where did u go to school Shayne?
  • hell no
    Why no 8100 Pearl themes yet?
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