Cingular official announcement continued

Alright, I might as well blame my lack of sleep on Cingular - I’m blaming them for everything else these days. Last night just after the stroke of midnight at 12:01 am, Cingular officially announced the release of the Pearl to the sounds of massive fanfare crickets. Thanks to Russ, we’ve a few details to share for now, but as always with BlackBerryCool, we’ll be sure to give updates as the news develops more and more.

A few Cingular Pearl details to share:

- As low as $199.99 with a two-year Cingular contract.
- Some Cingular stores Friday.
- Most Cingular stores Monday- at least according to Cingular.
- On the Cingular site Friday.
- Corporate email- as low as $44.99 a month for unlimited access with a voice contract.
- BlackBerry Personal plan- as low as $29.99 a month with voice.
- Push To Talk- $9.99 a month per device; $19.99 a month for Push To Talk Family.
- TeleNav GPS Navigator- additional $5.99 a month for 10 trips and $9.99 a month for unlimited trips.

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