BlackBerrys to ruin Christmas


57639661.jpgEveryone’s always telling us to put our BlackBerrys down – that we spend too much time on them and need to be less addicted to the CrackBerry. I’ve never really gotten on board… until now. If you ever listen and decide to set aside your device, what better time than the holiday season? put together a little survey asking BlackBerry users what they plan to do with their device during the festive times, and the results were less than pretty. A slightly worrying 26% of respondents said their BlackBerry would be on for the duration of the festive season and they would be checking it throughout. You Scrooges!

“A healthy 21 per cent of respondents said they would be switching off their BlackBerry the moment they leave the office for the Christmas holiday, while 16 per cent said they would have to check a few emails but would be switching it off for a few days.

Other findings suggest a put-upon eight per cent of respondents will keep using their BlackBerry until it causes the first row with their other half.”

I’d like to say I’ll be putting down my ‘Berry in favour of gifts, but I’m thinking I’ll belong to that 8% bit. I had better start kissing up now, otherwise it’ll be my BlackBerry roasting on an open fire as opposed to those chestnuts everyone keeps talking about.