BlackBerry Video Generator reviewed

The time has come for consolidation. Women - you’re fine, you’ve got purses, right? Men have pockets. Pockets weren’t mean to carry all of the technology that we want to carry at once: iPod, digital camera, mobile, etc., so we need to cut it down a little bit and consolidate some of those things. The Pearl’s done an alright job, and one of the tools that will help the 8100 along is the BlackBerry Video Generator from S4BB Ltd.

The premise behind the BlackBerry Video Generator is simple: it converts video files from your computer into a file the Pearl can recognize and play for your enjoyment. Using it is as easy as that was to explain.

BlackBerry Video Generator is a mere 18.5mb download right to your PC’s desktop after purchasing it from MobileSoftMarket, and after an extremely quick install, you’re all set to go. Simply double click the BlackBerry Video Generator icon, and it will prompt you to select any video file from your computer to convert.

A little bit of DOS-like action, and not a minute later and you’ve got your home video, music video, or… “other” video set for your Pearl. Simply connect to the computer with your device using Desktop Manager 4.2, make use of the Media Manager and you’re all set - drag and drop your files and they’ll be waiting for you on your Pearl.

Overall, BlackBerry Video Generator from S4BB Ltd is a great step toward making the Pearl your be-all-end-all-carry-all (understand?). I’m not sure if I agree with the $15.99 USD price tag (even though it’s down from $39.99), but if you want to get rid of those bulky pockets, taking some coin out is a good start.

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  1. 1 Anonymous

    If you’re starting to do reviews, you should rate each product out of 5. If I don’t have time to read the review, I can just glance at the score to decide whether I’d like to check it out later.

  2. 2 dp

    Question on thie pearl. If I created a BB video file on my PC, could I also put the MicroSD card in a pcmcia card in my laptop, then copy movie to that instead? also, how does the movie experience on the BB Pearl compare with say the ipod video?

    What formats does this program support (DIVX, AVI, MPEGx?)….also can it take a DVD and convert to BB as well?

  3. 3 Steve St. Pierre

    Anonymous - we have a “BlackBerryCool Approved” stamp that we put on reviews for software and such that we highly recommend. I’m thinking of implementing a school-like grading system, though.

    And to dp, I’ll look into these things for you asap.

  4. 4 George

    Why do that when you can do it for free.
    Super will convert any type of video file.

  5. 5 fm

    George: That looks some kind of complicated. I just want to convert my video which means I want the video I have been converted to the Pearl’s format. 10 screens I have to go through by clicking, selecting the right format, aspect ratio, resolution, codec and so on … seems to be not very convenient.

    Anyway, nice article for geeks ;)

  6. 6 Alan

    As complicated as that article looks, most of it is to do with ripping a DVD into a video file. You can just skip to the part about super, if you already have the file. There’s about 5 settings to set, (provided in a single list in the article)and once they’re set, super remembers your settings for next time. Doesn’t get too much easier than that.

  7. 7 Kellie

    actually it does get much simpler than that, since by using super, everytime I’ve converted movies, the sound has been screwed up. This program takes the hassle of finding where I screwed up away, since its practically impossible, since this software was made for the pearl.

  8. 8 NoNotMe

    Well kellie, since by writing this comment and since i also have a pearl. and since…

  9. 9 biteme

    Don’t pay for it, it’s freeware from Seabyrd Technologies

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