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BlackBerryThemeCentral’s Shayne McIntosh interviewed


bbtc-matrix-header.jpgSince I’ve been on the BlackBerryCool block, I’ve made some decent acquaintances. One that’s stood out is BlackBerryThemeCentral’s Shayne, a fellow Canadian and hugely active member of the BlackBerry community, supplying an abundance of themes from his website. He was kind enough to have a virtual sit down with us as we look over his past and look into the future of BlackBerry themes.

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Even more Cingular Pearl woes – updated


The forums are blazin’ mad. In a thread titled “Cingular Lost My Preorder”, you can imagine the result. Forums user Spamdumpster posted mentioning that after connecting with Cingular, they told him that they couldn’t find the preorder he completed on Cingular’s Premier site. Well, he’s come back with even worse news that leaves even this blogger speechless.

Cingular premier CS just told me that “All of the order for the Pearl that were placed yesterday were cancelled” and “all orders will have to be placed again when the phones are received in inventory.” He said that could be as early as Friday.

Oh dear… Please note that this is just a rumour right now – we’ll sit and wait for confirmation.

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RIM supporting Quicktime and Windows Media?


A tip’s come in from my good pal Jibi over at the forums. He’s posted a list of all future supported media formats for the RIM operating system. Supposedly we’re looking at support for “Quicktime movies (.mov) and Windows Media audio and video formats (WMA, WMV, and ASF), along with a few other goodies” coming in 2007. Huge step-up for RIM and their products here. The BlackBerry revolution is moving at a snail’s pace, but it’s things like this that nudge it along.

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BlackBerrys build a better banker


56197702.jpgOh, alliteration. We’re happy to report that thanks to BlackBerrys, there’ll no longer be a plethora of inexperience behind the counter at the bank. Well, not just yet, but hopefully soon. In an article found on the Times Online from the UK, turns out BlackBerrys are going to be used to administer a series of tests to aspiring bankers. Merril Lynch have already stepped up and said that they’ve adopted the system, and more seem eager to follow. Does anything like this exist in any other profession?

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Pearl plays great game of peek-a-boo


I’m not making too good on my promise, but unfortunately, it’s necessary to speak up on Cingular’s Pearl woes again. Yesterday we let you know that a pre-order link had surfaced on Cingular’s Premier service. Well, according to numerous emails and even someone in a Cingular live help session have let it be known it disappeared from the site before we could all sigh our sigh of relief. Pearl come, Pearl go. Apparently the link was put up prematurely and, according to the live chatter, the Pearl should surface no later than next Friday. Next Friday? What about this one?

02 refreshes handheld software


02logo.jpgQuick note as a result of an even quicker one from one of our readers. We’ve got Jim to thank for pointing us to some “refreshed” BlackBerry handheld software that 02 has just released over in the UK. Jim notes that 02’s site now lists the software for the 8707g and the Pearl for the first time, along with newer versions of the software for the 8700g and 7290. Thanks, Jim. If any of you ever have better eyes than we do, please send us any leads to