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ThoughtPiece: Apple & BlackBerry – Great minds think alike


It’s Wednesday, that means that our ringer of a contributor has corresponded once again and we can bring you another ThoughtPiece. This week, Thought looks into the Apple and BlackBerry methods of moving forward in the wireless world. Does one edge out the other? Read on. Thanks, Thought.

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Warehouse hands out $99 Pearl


Consider this the fine print. Russ points us to this little tidbit – thank you, sir. For Canadian residents, there’s a warehouse sale going down at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario., on select dates and times (find those after the jump), will have the Pearl for a mere $99 after you agree to a three-year plan with Rogers. You’ve got to be one of the first 50 activations through the door to receive a free Bluetooth headset, though, so grow your nails to gouge some eyes and slap on those old soccer cleats – that Pearl is yours.

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Indulgent Palm bashing


We’re not complete Palm haters here, but we’re called BlackBerry Cool for a reason. We pick our battles with the competition, only taking jabs when it’s warranted. Now, if someone else happens to weigh in with their thoughts on Palm, well, far be it from us to censor them. Our pal Jon Fortt over at the Utility Belt has some solid insight on Palm’s shortcomings in an article lovingly (and obviously) titled The Trouble with Palm and its Treo. You’ll never guess what he talks about.

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Powerstick charges up BlackBerry


ecostol.jpgIt’ll take all of my might to avoid any phallicies in this post. Canada’s Ecosol has put together the powerstick – a portable charger that, wait for it – can fully charge your BlackBerry. Gizmodo’s got a great piece on your new favourite accessory up today.

This little beast only takes about 90 minutes to charge via USB and has a little monitor that mimics the gas gauge on your dashboard, letting you know just how much juice you’ve got left. Not yet available for purchase, you can get more info on the PowerStick at Ecosol’s official site.

BlackBerry patent marks calendars wirelessly


Two patents in the past two days – RIM really is working hard. Yesterday we were talking keypads, today we’re looking at calendars. A new patent coming from RIM out of the USPTO offices has recurring events from your calendar being sent wirelessly. So this patent takes those routine-type meetings, the recurring events that you can choose to hide on your calendar, and sends out reminders until you set the end date. Admittedly, the abstract made my head spin a little at eight in the morning, but I think I’ve got a grasp on it. Check the abstract after the jump, read the patent yourself, and, if you’re so inclined, Russ has some more insight.

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LumberCell launched in the woods


brawny.jpgIt’s not everyday you get to say “timber” at work, a joy America’s lumberjacks probably take for granted. Well, now they’ve got the best of all world’s as LumberCell has been rolled out on the BlackBerry by Unique Data Solutions. According to the release, LumberCell is the “coolest, must-have solution for the vibrant, self-motivated, high achieving salesperson and mobile worker”. The new software offers lumber-salespeople constant access to company information, order processing, and increased productivity.

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