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Pearl sets sail in Australia


australia.jpgThankfully, mums not the word this time. A great article featured on iTWire down under talks about the Pearl’s release today in Australia. The piece gives a great rundown on the Pearl’s place in the Aussie market and lends some carrier information, noting that Vodaphone’s the only current carrier publicly carrying the phone now, and is doing so with a $699 price tag. The article’s pretty well what you’re used to when a new device comes out on this side of the world, but Aussie-style! To the new Pearl lovers from the land of Dundee – welcome. Keep us abreast of your opinions.

PocketExpress scores with sports


Those busy-bodies over at Handmark have done it again, apparently. All users on PocketExpress can now access live sports scores directly from their device in, get this, real time. As the release says, no matter if it’s during a time-out, between innings, the dismal rally-cap times, you can keep checking in on your favourite team as they lose to a much better one.

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Cingular Pearl makes business debut


Constant refreshing and the patience of Mr. Miagi has led a BBHub reader to uncovering some great screen caps from Cingular’s business site. Originally, we were only able to see an unsatisfying “coming soon” on, but now, more sites are popping up on the site with actual purchasing info – and the phone can actually be purchased through Cingular’s Premier service. The aforementioned reader was kind enough to take some screen caps, and we’ve got ‘em for you. Still can’t access them through normal means, though, so that means there’s still no official announcement coming from Cingular HQ. Shame.

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BlackBerry patent configures keyboard


And so continues the battle of the keypads. This time, it’s not really QWERTY vs. SURE, but moreso how to give a QWERTY keypad solid numerical functionality while keeping the typing style that we’ve all come to know and love. This all coming from a new patent that surfaced today from RIM. Before I show you the abstract from the aforementioned patent – show of hands: SURE or QWERTY? Now then, read on.

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RIM provides yet another status update


No news is good news, right? Ever since late September, we’ve had our eyes on RIM and their stock-handling issues. The company has been reviewing it’s past stock history and continues to report to the Ontario Securities Commission. Their current update? Nothing to report. The company continues to stress, though, that they don’t expect any changes to be made to the results of their Q2 announcements.

“Mums” targeted by Pearl


A quick light-hearted one for you. The Pearl’s slowly making it’s way across the world and is getting set for a release down under in Australia. An article posted on Smarthouse examines who the Aussie’s think’ll be adopting that Pearl – “Mum’s”. How cute.

Check out the slight misconception here, and who’s got insight as to why the land down under thinks that Mother’s are the ideal target market? An interesting side note from the article – look at what analysts are saying about the future of mobile email.

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