Wireless email to have growth spurt

If you’re like me and tend to sit back and look at the big picture from time to time, it’s ridiculous when you notice how quickly technology advances. According to an article from IT Business Edge, the trend isn’t slowing one bit. In a new study put together by Radacati, wireless email will be taking off, and apparently RIM and the BlackBerry will be sitting at the forefront - just not alone.

“Its new report, Wireless E-mail Market, 2006-2010, contends the market will be driven by Microsoft and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry product. The market will increase from 12 million mailboxes this year to 199 million in 2010, an average growth rate of 103 percent, Radicati says.”

Those numbers are incredibly encouraging to the mobile industry. With more people adopting, manufacturers are going to try a lot harder because that’ll mean a lot more angry emails if a device isn’t working. Let’s play a game - where were you at technology-wise 10 years ago? Did you even have a mobile phone? Sending email? Let me know.

2 Responses to “Wireless email to have growth spurt”

  1. 1 Daniel

    10 years ago … 1996? Wow. I was definitely rockin AOL and chatting with people i didn’t know like it was my life-goal … ridiculous, when i look back. I was sending email and IMing .. the internet was pretty slow, so I couldn’t accomplish much. I remember trying to log-on to z100.com to watch the first Jingle Ball because Blues Traveller were on it … too bad streaming didn’t work back then. I think my RealPlayer got stuck, because Realplayer was annoying even in 1996.

  2. 2 Jane Johnson

    I think there will be a upswing with board manufacturing soon.. What do you think?

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