E-records could be an e-hassle, yet e-necessary


judge.jpgCould you tell I’ve been having fun with these titles recently? News du jour. Ever think that the feds wouldn’t roll up on your offices and request all past e-mails, BlackBerry messages and cell phone databases? Guess what, pals, it could happen and even worse, you’re required to comply. Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require all businesses have to hang onto all of the aforementioned items.

“The new e-discovery rules require all businesses, both public and private, large and small, to hang on to e-mails, server backup tapes, home office computer data, BlackBerry messages, cell phone records and other electronic information – anything that could be sought in future corporate litigation, a fraud investigation, a mergers and acquisitions deal valuation or other proceeding. Penalties for non-compliance can include fines. “

No more warnings. This rule is on paper. This burden is, unfortunately, a necessity. Thanks to the news from Cleveland’s official site for this one.