BlackBerry taps cause three-car pile up

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The title’s slightly misleading, granted, but read on and it’ll make sense. Thanks to the Seattle Times, we’ve found that a gentleman in Seattle was oblivious to the traffic that had stopped dead in-front of him during his commute, thanks to his tapping away on his BlackBerry device. As a result, the “53-year-old man’s minivan smashed into a car, setting off a chain reaction that included three other cars and a Community Transit bus, which was carrying 28 passengers.” No injuries or fatalities, thankfully.

Speed and drugs (I thought they were the same - ha) are the cause of 93.5% of Seattle’s car accidents. The sleuths down at the precinct are busy putting together a list of the other 12 causes that fill in the remaining 6.5%, and you’d never guess what turns up at number five.

“Operating a handheld communications device — such as a cellphone or BlackBerry — is No. 5 on the new list.

The top 4 are: distractions outside the vehicle; unknown driver distraction; miscellaneous distractions inside the vehicle; and interacting with “passengers, animals or objects in the vehicle.”

Put it down when you’re driving, folks. Cannot stress that enough, especially around this time of year. Please and thanks.

  • Evan Brown
    I came upon this about 30 minutes after it happened...traffic on the I5 express was as bad as I've ever seen it. This guy added a solid hour to my morning commute.
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