Curse of the White Pearl

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That post title was bound to be made by someone, glad I could be the first. Looking at our artist’s great mock-up of the Pearl, I can’t help but be reminded of Motorola’s ill-fated ROKR phone (at least aesthetically) - great in concept, poor in execution. In our (plug) interview with Boy Genius, he commented on how he likes colour options when it comes to phones, but really, should RIM start with the Pearl?

Why start with a phone that is doing alright in the consumer market, the place where most of the pink/frilly phones survive? And I’m sure the only reason enterprise users would be intrigued is so that their Pearl doesn’t get mixed in with the rest during the company’s yearly squash tournament.

Options are great, but given the fact that I receive daily emails from new Pearl users complaining about functionality and the like on the Pearl, why not work on that instead of giving it new wardrobe? Let’s hope for more than just that when this phone rolls out by Valentine’s in ‘07. I’d like to know what you all think about the now bi-racial Pearl. Necessity? Ridiculous? Weigh in.

  • Blaze
    All I can say is if RIM has so little to do around the office as to release a white pearl, I could suggest a bit of busy work to help them out: how about fixing the pearl's memory leak, or releasing a version 2 of the pearl. A version that doesn't make that obnoxious crackling sound when you press the keys.
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