New BlackBerry patent gets you dates


calendrierword.jpgHold your horses – don’t get your hopes up too much. Russ points us to a patent that RIM recently filed that gives some order to email and other message lists by shooting in date separators. Not just any date separators, though, “strategically placed” ones that scroll as you scroll, as the patent notes. Thankfully, this patent is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require much explanation (unlike past patents). Check out the abstract after the jump, though. Nice to have help getting organized, that’s for sure.

A method of displaying messages on handheld devices. The device displays messages in a scrollable viewport of vertically arranged fields. Date separators inserted into the vertically arranged list of messages to enable the user to associate the messages with a date. The date separators have “sticky” operation, meaning that the device ensures a date separator always appears within the viewport, even when the viewport has been scrolled to the middle of a long list of messages all associated with the same date. The device may ensure that the top field of the viewport always contains a date separator associated with the message immediately below.

You can check out the patent in it’s entirety right from the USPTO’s official site.