BlackBerry so bittersweet, report says


The timing on these “Crackberry”-type articles couldn’t be any better. With the holidays coming up, BlackBerry Cool officially endorses putting down the handheld for a day, two, a week – enjoy the time off. Digressions aside, an article’s surfaced saying 9 out of 10 higher-ups feel like they need to be available outside of the office thanks to their BlackBerry, but they just may be able to forgive the device.

“Despite this, opinion is split as to whether devices such as the Blackberry have improved or damaged their work-life balance. More than half (56%) believe that technology has improved their lives, while the remaining 44% feel that it only brings greater imbalance.”

Keep these stories at top of mind during the holidays, folks. We’re about to announce a contest that could win you something that’ll put that ugly sweater your wife is planning to give you to shame. Keep checking in.