Everyday is BlackBerry day


wk-ai137_jp1_bb_20061207162620.jpgTired of those kids squabbling? New twins keeping you up all hours of the night? Adopt a BlackBerry – a foolproof solution. Actually, the Wall Street Journal’s put together a piece on the ‘Berry and how it seems to have become a member of the family, leading to resentful kids and a wife/husband that seems to have a headache everynight. You can read it all here.

The gadgets are recognizable to young children. A few parents say “BlackBerry” is in their toddlers’ early vocabulary. Lucas Ellin, a Los Angeles 5-year-old, pretends he has his own, parading around the house with a small toy in his hand while shrieking, “Look, Mommy, it’s my BlackBerry!”

That’s just sad. Seriously, save your marriage and the way your kids think about you. Read the article.