Waiting on the Cingular Treo 750


treo750.jpgWith all of the nonsense that Boy Genius conjured up about the BlackBerry last week, it’s good to see he’s spreading the wealth. Today, the Boy Genius Report’s Quentin Gladstone* touches base on the Treo 750 and it’s impending delay.

For those not in the know, stability issues pushed the Treo’s release from “soon” until the third quarter of 2007’s fiscal year. Now, Quentin* gives updates mentioning that the devices reported HSDPA has been somewhat downgraded to UMTS and that “the 750 has been scheduled for a Q4 release”.


* In googling Quentin Gladstone, it’s discovered that it’s merely a common result of the web-popular “British Names Generator”. Oh, BG. Way to condure up an alias.