Skylab releases new Spot v. 1.4.0


Pardon the lack of champagne for the celebration – it’s a little early. However, we’re more than pleased as punch to let you know about the new version of Spot released by Skylab Mobile Systems for the BlackBerry. We spoke about Spot when it was first rolled out a while back, and now Skylab’s put their heads together with a new release – version 1.4.0. For full details on what’s been tweaked and who can use the new Spot, feel free to take a little jump for the full press release.

*GPS tool /Spot/ now available in Version 1.4.0*

The GPS positioning and mapping tool /Spot/ by Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd.
has been released in version 1.4.0. The new version is available for all
supported platforms which include:

* GPS enabled BlackBerry devices (7100i, 7520 and 8703e/Sprint)
* Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry devices (7100 series, 7130 series,
7250, 7290 and 8700 series)
* Palm OS powered devices (including Palm Treo 600, 650, 680, 700p)
* GPS enabled mobile phones (Motorola A780, Siemens SXG75)
* Bluetooth enabled mobile phones (including but not limited to
SonyEricsson K750i, K800i, Siemens S65)

/Spot/ 1.4.0 introduces many improvements including:

* Improved user interface:
It is now easier to navigate within the application.

* Location state indicator:
Shows in which state the GPS receiver is currently in, allowing to
see at a glance whether there currently is any GPS reception.

* Map view customizationa are saved now:
Spot allows you to customize the map representation by using
configurable layers. You can toggle map and informational layers
on and off, add your own web map servers or (if your device
supports file access) georeferenced image map files, and alter the
order in which layers are drawn on top of each other. Your
modifications are now saved along with your last displayed
position and zoom level and are automatically restored on
application relaunch, allowing you to seamlessly continue working
where you left.

* Map shortcuts:
It is easy now to change the currently used web map service
directly from within the map view by only one click. You can
change between four pre-configured web map services: Satellite,
Topographic 1, Topographic 2 and Streetlevel.

* Sevaral minor improvements have been added.

/Spot/ 1.4.0 is a free update for all registered users of /Spot/. It can
be downloaded on the /Spot/ product page and registered using the
registration key obtained on the purchase of an older version.

Current prices for /Spot/ are:

/Spot/ for GPS enabled BlackBerry devices USD 49.00
/Spot/ for Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry devices USD 49.00
/Spot/ for Palm OS powered devices USD 29.00
/Spot/ for GPS enabled mobile phones USD 29.00
/Spot/ for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones USD 29.00

There is also a free demo version of /Spot/ 1.4.0 available for
download. It is runtime limited but you can restart the application for
evaluation purposes as often as you want.

Please visit
for further information.