Korea to get another stab at BlackBerry


sktelecomlogo.jpgIf at first you don’t succeed, try until you don’t have anymore money. That was my philosophy at the casino last night, and it surely applies to RIM’s venture into Korea with the BlackBerry. Back in June, Korea’s Powertel rolled out a trial BlackBerry service, only to see 2,000 adopters since. Weak. Well, looks like another corporation, SK Telecom, is headed to the plate and ready to take a swing. But yes, RIM is in talks with a major Korean telecoms firm to relaunch its wireless email service in Korea.

Despite SK Telecom’s involvement in negotiations to offer the service, the spokesman expressed doubts over the BlackBerry’s ability to compete with existing messaging services available on mobile phones in Korea.

“Foreigners staying here and locals working for Korean affiliates of foreign outfits have requested us to introduce the BlackBerry because their global networks use the device,” he told the Korea Times in an interview published on Friday.

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