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Ascendo DataVault reviewed


It’s no secret – er, rather, it should be, but we’ve got a lot of information to retain these days. On top of our daily responsibilities, we’ve got passwords to remember so we can complete those responsibilities. It’s companies like Ascendo that prove they care with offerings like DataVault – a program for your BlackBerry that stores confidential information like passwords, credit cards, PINs, logins, etc. using “the most powerful encryption method available.”

We’ve looked at a competing product, SplashID before and have spent time with one of the first password managers developed for BlackBerry, Cryptmagic, and are more than prepared to bring you a solid comparative review on Ascendo’s latest gem, DataVault.

Ascendo was kind enough to send us a pre-release version of DataVault for us to mess about and find faults with. Not surprisingly, the faults were few and far between. Like the other two noted applications, DataVault works in two parts: with your desktop and with your BlackBerry. DataVault is able to synch both together without any issues or loss of information, which is a plus, so you can confidently enter your passwords and know they’ll be waiting for you the next time you need them on your device.

The biggest issue with these types of programs is their ability to store the information and do so safely and securely. Both Cryptmagic and Ascendo DataVault use Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES), the same method chosen the US Government’s National Institude of Standards and Technology (NIST) while SplashID uses the weaker Blowfish encryption method.. And on top of the encryption, these types of applications let you set a master password to access your info, but only DataVault lets you set a master password hint so you don’t have to start from scratch if you forget the big one – AND if you happen to forget the hint, Ascendo’s DataVault is the only app that will wipe all of the info from its system, and you won’t have to uninstall then reinstall like the others.


The desktop interface seems a lot cleaner and organized compared to both Cryptmagic and Splash ID, just in general. And it works like it’s supposed to, that’s great. You can use the categories, types, and items that DataVault provides in their defaults or create your own and assign icons to them. Not only that, but you can create a new template (or choose from the 20 already available, not like the two in Cryptmagic) so it’s easier to add the same information over and over again.

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