Ascendo DataVault reviewed


A feature that I’m a big fan of with both Cryptmagic and DataVault is the Auto-Fill feature that lets you automatically fill web forms from the desktop interface with the click of a button. Again, something seen in DataVault and not in Cryptmagic is the ability ability to automatically add items URLs, usernames and passwords directly to DataVault from your web browser. Say you’re logging into your GMail account, simply right click on the field and choose the option “Save to DataVault”, “the password, user login, and URL will all be automatically entered into your database.”

And as is the case with most apps, there’s a lot of trial and error going on. Say you’re currently using SplashID or Cryptmagic, you can easily import all of your info into DataVault so, again, you won’t have to start from scratch. That worked seamlessly for me, taking my SplashID info into DataVault. I love not having to re-enter information. Call me lazy, but at least Ascendo’s looking out for guys like me.


Using DataVault on my BlackBerry was as easy as using it on the desktop. The information was where I put it, it was easy to find, and could easily be implemented. Good to know, though, that if I did have any queries, Ascendo’s comprehensive user guide was more than helpful.