Top 7 mobile and wireless trends for ‘07

Year-end lists have been surfacing since early November citing the best records, best movies, and best whatevers for 2006. Computer World’s one-upped year-end lists and looks forward with their article “Top 7 Mobile and Wireless Trends for 2007″ - excited? The article starts right by calling the Pearl a “competent smartphone” and then goes on with the list. They’re extremely thorough with the topic, so hit the jump for the list, and check out the article for their wordsmithing.

1. More mobile access, more competition
2. The era of ‘the big bundle’
3. The democratization of mobile e-mail
4. Search and discovery
5. Mobility gets social
6. Convergence: One phone, many places
7. Media, media, media

Get full details on the list here. And what do you think? What trends are you looking forward to in 2007?

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