BlackBerrys breed deceit


pinoliar.jpgYou’re all a bunch of filthy liars. According to ZDNet, over 75% of people responded in a survey that BlackBerrys make it easier to lie, fib, and do some “technotreachery”. Why the ‘Berry? Well, we’re all familiar with cyber-bullying, and the reasoning behind both is the same: it’s easy. It’s easy to be someone you’re not online, and according to the report, fibbing by BlackBerry makes folks feel less guilty.

Just more than 40 percent said they had lied to their family or partner. Key topics to lie about were buying new clothes or the cost of them (37 percent), how good someone looked in something (35 percent), how much they had eaten (35 percent) and drunk (31 percent), and how much they weighed (32 percent).

The survey found that while people were dishonest, most told lies with the best intentions and to spare others’ feelings.