Bacon on BlackBerry: SIM cards, navigation systems, and more

We’re happy to see Magmic’s BlackBerry know-it-all Jeff Bacon again. This week, he handles questions that cover the gamut, giving answers on SIM card queries, navigation systems, Skype, and more. If you’ve got an issue that you just can’t figure out, shoot a note to and check back to see if the guru has tackled your question with ease. Thanks, Jeff.

Q: I have a company provided 7100g, which I find too bulky. I would like to buy a BB Pearl, on my own, to use instead. This brings me to my questions for you.

By plugging in the SIM card from the 7100g into the Pearl, is it possible to use the new Pearl for calls and company email or is there more to it? I use the Cingular network, and my employer has removed/blocked some Blackberry features, such as text messaging, and the Internet browser (The Blackberry Browser remains). Would the SIM card keep these settings if/when transferred to the Pearl?

A: Transferring the SIM card will allow you to make phone calls on the new BlackBerry but email is different. The email is set to your BlackBerry by your company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The BES send emails to your BlackBerry by using a unique identifier called a PIN. Every BlackBerry has a unique PIN and the BES must know what your PIN is to send email to your BlackBerry. The BES doesn’t even care what SIM is in the BlackBerry so someone else can put their SIM in your BlackBerry and start getting your email.

If you switch BlackBerries, you have to send an update to the BES to tell it your new PIN number. The easiest way is to sync your BlackBerry to your Desktop Manager. The restrictions on the features of your BlackBerry will take effect on your new BlackBerry when you sync with your Desktop Manager. You should talk to your BES admin before doing any of this as your company may restrict the type of BlackBerry used and may not allow you to connect your new BlackBerry to the BES to receive email.

Q: Is there a talking navigation system I can add to my blackberry?

A: I’ve met the guys at TeleNav a few times and I believe their product will do what you’re looking for. Check them out at:

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August 24th, 2007 at 9:25 am

Hello all,
I recently purchased a blackberry pearl and intend to use it with my cingular line. I put in the sim card and it keeps telling me the sim is invalid. I called cingular and they explained to me that it was because i had the old at & t blue tdma sim card and that all i needed was an unlock code. They put in the order for an unlock code for me but then i called back and someone else tells me it doesnt matter if i get an unlock code or not that the phone won’t work with the sim card. I just want to know if this phone can work with my sim card or not.

January 22nd, 2008 at 4:44 pm

i forgot to said I live in London uk..

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