BlackBerry makes AOL’s top 10

Admittedly, this top 10 list isn’t as great as Mr. Letterman’s, but hey, we’re geeks. In a release from AOL, it turns out that the term “BlackBerry” is number 9 in the top 10 most searched “Top Gadgets” on AOL. Our favourite device sneaks in before Nintendo and just after GPS. “Cell phones” is listed at number 2 - but interesting to note how users seek BlackBerry by name. Check out who nabbed the number one spot and check out the rest of the list after the jump.

Top Gadgets

1) iPod
2) Cell Phones
3) Digital Cameras
4) TracFone
5) Playstation 3
6) Laptops
7) Xbox 360
8) GPS
9) Blackberry
10) Nintendo

1 Response to “BlackBerry makes AOL’s top 10”

  1. 1 L. M. Lloyd

    It is things like this list that always remind me how disconnected the Internet is from the lives of the general populace. Week after week, the PS2 is actually still outselling any other console in the real world, and the Nintendo is breaking sales records all over the world for a console launch, yet on the Internet, it is the PS3 and 360 that lead Nintendo, and the PS2 is a distant memory.

    I often wonder if we aren’t heading towards two divergent realities, one that is created by the perceptions of people who spend all day online, and the other created by the perceptions of people who actually live in the real world.

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