BlackBerry users cursing Gmail - updated

There’s a whole lot of hating going on at the forums. Users are weighing in and underlining the fact that Gmail isn’t working on their devices. In a note from Paul, one of the moderators over at the Forums, he notes that it started with the Pearl and has escalated to various users on various devices who can’t get Google’s mail service to work on their BlackBerry.

UPDATE Things seem to be running smoothly and back to the way they were, according to Paul, one of the Forums’ moderators. No details really ready yet on what was up, but I’m sure they’ll be clear by tomorrow.

From BlackBerry Forums user John Clark

“This poster says they called tech support and was told there is a nationwide BIS outage. First time poster, but I’ve no reason to believe they’re not correct. Still getting nothing on mine…”

We’ll keep you abreast of any news. How about you, though? Having issues?

15 Responses to “BlackBerry users cursing Gmail - updated”

  1. 1 Shad Krakowski

    I’ve had no problems at all with Gmail on my BB.

  2. 2 R. Dykema

    No problems with my 7130e. I like it!

  3. 3 Ian McKenzie

    I’ve got a 7250 on BES and Gamil works fine.

  4. 4 R. Dykema

    I take that back. It was working fine, but there appears to be a general gmail outage at the moment, not just on BlackBerrys.

  5. 5 R. Dykema

    Now gmail is working again, with new chat features on the PC version.

  6. 6 Icey Cake

    I never have issues with gmail until yesterday. In fact, not only gmail but all my other internal mails didn’t work with my BB. T-Mobile resent the service books to my BB multiple times yesterday and everything back to normal today.

  7. 7 Ketchums

    Mine was working fine, up until yesterday afternoon. It was out all night, and I’ve gotten two little streams of postponed e-mail - one at 3:55am, and one at 10 a.m. This is terrible…Gmail has a Blackberry application for the Pearl that lets me log into the accoutn and check it periodically, but still not the real time that I bought a Blackberry for.

  8. 8 Luqman

    Gmail on the blackberry sucks. Delayed emails all day today and I still can’t figure out why when I send an email using gmail from my blackberry, it ends up in my inbox as a new message. Its driving me nuts. I send mail then recieve the email. Any one have a clue how I can stop this?

  9. 9 Chris

    I have the same problem with Lugman of the Blackberry sending all of my emails back to me as new emails when using Gmail. Anyone know how to deal with this?

  10. 10 Otto

    I have had a bunch of people with issues with gmail on December 12/13th. There was some issue with the BIS picking up mail from gmail. Regular gmail was working fine. An easy work around for this in case it happens in the future is forward your gmail to your BIS addy. Gmail leaves the message on it’s server so your other computers won’t miss it.

  11. 11 Jim

    Can’t send email on the blackberry, though receiving works. Occasionally get a javascript error, but otherwise, when sending from the device itself, the emails never arrive - conversely, when sending from the web interface, there are no issues. Any reasons for this, and why I’m not getting any indication from by BB 7290 that there is an issue? Thx.

  12. 12 Hoax Meister

    Here’s how to fix the duplicate Gmail emails going to your Blackberry problem.
    1. Login in your blackberry internet service
    2. create a filter for the gmail address, if “From” contains “your gmail address”
    3. select “do not forward to handheld”
    4. save the new filter
    5. done

  13. 13 anonymiss

    Hoax Meister:

    I set up exactly that filter last night,a nd it’s not working. I’ve also added two more filters, one with my gmail address not in quotations, and one with my name (not the address, but the name).

    Is there some kind of lag before this takes effect? Should I just be more patient? It’s an incredible pain.

  14. 14 Jay

    You can simply change the email display settings not to see these messages in the mail box. Go to Email->Options->General setting->change “Show sent messages” to NO. It should help.


  15. 15 Eric

    GMAIL sucks. At about 4am this morning my blackberry 8800 stopped receiving emails. I added a yahoo account an it works fine. I contact AT&T and all they can say is there is a latency issue with the BB email service.

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