Canadians invent BlackBerry gloves

File this under possible blessing in disguise. A group out of Montreal have put together a pair of gloves for all of us tech-loving Canadians (or you know, other cold-dwelling folk) who love our tech so much we use it in blistering cold temperatures. They’re not misleading with the name at all - they’re called the the iTWYF (”I Touch With Your Fingers”) gloves.

“Three of the fingers have special enhancements: the thumb has a Velcro strap that exposes solely that digit, the index finger has a leather strip that’s designed for “target-specific” fingering (for doing things like adjusting iPod volume), and the middle finder includes a tiny stud that you can use as stylus for touchscreens without scratching them.”

Check out a bigger shot after the jump. These puppies’ll set you back $45 Canadian ($39 US) on iTWYF’s official site.

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