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Pearl 17th Most Innovative in 2006


bbpearl.jpgWe’ll save the pleasantries – I’m back. But more importantly, the Pearl has been listed by PC World as one of the most innovative products in 2006. PC World compiled a list of “intriguing, often useful, and sometimes surprising” products, and the Pearl was able to slide in at lucky number 17.

“We’ve seen business-oriented smart phones and multimedia phones, but the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 brings those two worlds together and backs everything up with RIM’s network, which is still the best for always-on connectivity. The sleek Pearl ($350 from T-Mobile) adds a 1.3-megapixel camera, an audio player, and a video player to the usual BlackBerry features. Caveats: The unit lacks a full QWERTY keyboard, and its trackball navigation and compact keys can be awkward.”

Weekend Contest: Holiday BlackBerry Haiku



Alright, people. Those ties can finally be untied, pens can be capped, and monitors can be turned off – the holidays are here, the holidays are now. With such an epic introduction, I really hope I haven’t built you up too much. HOWEVER, the holidays mean time away from work, more time for family/friends/substances. I still know that I’ll be clicking through my device from time to time, and you’ll be doing the same.

This week we’re taking a page out of Gizmodo’s book, and asking you to write your best haiku poem that relates to your BlackBerry addiction and the holidays. That’s it. Do your best, and you could be walking away with three games from Magmic.

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QuickPlayer officially launched



We gave you a brief look at the QuickPlayer from QuickPlay a couple months ago after our trip to CTIA, and we got a little excited then. We’re even more excited now that it’s been officially launched and made its way into the BlackBerry world. The application streams audio content from your favourites like the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and over 100 more channels to choose from. The service’ll set you back a mere $7.95 a month and it’s available on the BlackBerry 7130e, 8700 series, and Pearl (for now). Check out the video we churned out for the QuickPlayer just after the jump. Congrats, QuickPlay.

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Balsillie notes exciting upcoming months


jimbalsillie.jpgWith the great third quarter results that RIM posted yesterday, we can all start getting excited for the BlackBerry 8800 and see where THAT takes RIM next quarter. Co-CEO at Research in Motion, one Jim Balsillie, noted in an article (thanks to FLIPP_96 at the forums) that there are, indeed, some plans coming down the pipeline.

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie didn’t comment on the new devices during a conference call beyond saying there would be “something else” coming from the company. “There will be a lot of crossover between the consumer and the enterprise side of the business,” he told analysts. “There’s a whole lot that will become much clearer over the next six calendar months,” he added.

The article also summarizes all of the speculation that the blogs and such have been able to fork over on the 8800. A good read. Check it out.

BlackBerryCool Holiday Update


ohdearparty.jpgMorning, folks. I’m not going to play dumb – the office Christmas party was last night, and I may have done my fair share (or a lot more than my fair share) of partaking. But I’m here, water in one hand, mouse in the other, and we’re ready for another hard hitting day of BlackBerry action.

Just to give you a heads up, we’ll be announcing the winners of the SplashPhoto contest today, and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our great “How To” video on applying a skin to your BlackBerry. And briefly, the usual holidays are going to be off-days for us unless there’s some big enough news to drag me away from ham and even more partaking. Happy Holidays, folks.

BBCool How To: Applying a skin


skinit.jpgWe’ve got a bunch of BlackBerry 8700’s floating around the office, and I wanted to set mine apart from the rest. The BBCool team has put together a brief how-to video on applying a skin to your device to make you the coolest guy in the office moderately geeky. I’m not going to lie – it was a bit of a frustrating process (you can see me applying, removing, and re-applying the skin a few times), but the end result is pretty rad with the great wood skin supplied by Check them out for all your skinning needs. Check out the video after the jump.

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