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RIM announces preliminary 3Q results


Today marks the day RIM steps up to announce their preliminary results for the third quarter, ending December 2nd. We’ll go over this more thoroughly soon enough, but for now, check the official press release. Mr. Balsillie should be sporting a smile right about now.

Revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2007 was $835.1 million, up 26.8% from $658.5 million in the previous quarter and up 49% from $560.6 million in the same quarter of last year. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 75% for handhelds, 17% for service, 5% for software, and 3% for other revenue. Approximately 875,000 BlackBerry subscriber accounts were added in the quarter. At the end of the quarter, the total BlackBerry subscriber account base was approximately 7 million. Revenue and subscriber account additions will not be impacted by the restatement referenced above.

Canadians invent BlackBerry gloves


fingercuffssmall.jpgFile this under possible blessing in disguise. A group out of Montreal have put together a pair of gloves for all of us tech-loving Canadians (or you know, other cold-dwelling folk) who love our tech so much we use it in blistering cold temperatures. They’re not misleading with the name at all – they’re called the the iTWYF (“I Touch With Your Fingers”) gloves.

“Three of the fingers have special enhancements: the thumb has a Velcro strap that exposes solely that digit, the index finger has a leather strip that’s designed for “target-specific” fingering (for doing things like adjusting iPod volume), and the middle finder includes a tiny stud that you can use as stylus for touchscreens without scratching them.”

Check out a bigger shot after the jump. These puppies’ll set you back $45 Canadian ($39 US) on iTWYF’s official site.

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Samsung goes to the Opera


opera_logo2.gifWell, looks like corporations want to tie up loose ends before they tie one on for the holidays. As reported by TechWeb, Opera has secured a liscensing deal with Samsung that will see it’s browser setting up shop on Samsung devices.

The South Korean electronics maker will use Opera Mobile, a pared-down browser designed for small screens that also emphasizes vertical scrolling, in as-yet-unspecified advanced cell and/or smartphones. The licensing contract is on a per-phone basis, but neither Opera nor Samsung would disclose the total value.

Well how about that? Any other loose ends need to be tied up?

Reseach In Motion “Worst Stock for 2007″


stockmarketyowsers.jpgDon’t shoot the messenger! The Motley Fool has noted Reseach In Motion (RIMM on the market) as the “worst stock for 2007″. Don’t go shelling out your shares just yet, the article then goes on to say that the stock will outperform both Nokia and Microsoft in the next five years. What an emotional rollercoster all within a few paragraphs. Check out the article here.

“I’ve tapped RIM as an underperformer for the next year, for instance, but if, as I suspect, valuation reality finally catches up with the company, I may reverse course and tap it as a prospective market-beater. I’m not so sure RIM is a great company, but at the right price, it could be a great investment.”

Top 7 mobile and wireless trends for ’07


oldphone.jpgYear-end lists have been surfacing since early November citing the best records, best movies, and best whatevers for 2006. Computer World’s one-upped year-end lists and looks forward with their article “Top 7 Mobile and Wireless Trends for 2007″ – excited? The article starts right by calling the Pearl a “competent smartphone” and then goes on with the list. They’re extremely thorough with the topic, so hit the jump for the list, and check out the article for their wordsmithing.

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Taiwan Mobile announce BlackBerry fees


twmlogo.jpgOn Monday, we let you know that Taiwan is finally being set up with BlackBerry handhelds. Today, we’re able to let you know about the fees that go along with said handhelds from Taiwan Mobile (TWM). TWM is rolling out the BlackBerry 7290 and 8700g devices for NT$7,990 (US$245) and NT$12,990. On top of that, users are going to be shelling out anywhere between NT$899 (US$28) to NT$1,799 in monthly fees. Check out the entire story here.