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Vodafone helps BlackBerry users navigate


vodalogo.jpgIt’s nice when you know that the big guys are looking out for you. Vodafone Germany have stepped up and introduced a navigation system for their BlackBerry handhelds. According to MarketWatch, the nav system will will provide information for car drivers, bikers and pedestrians – anyone that’s sporting a Vodafone BlackBerry in Germany.

“The Vodafone Navigator is an “offboard” navigation system that will allow route data to be sent to the BlackBerry from a server. This differs from an “onboard” system, in which all of the necessary data is incorporated into the device, Vodafone Germany said. “

The service will set back users EUR 99.90 a year.

Balsillie’s bid not done yet


ballysilly.jpgListen, Jim. If you’re going to do it, please just do it. This is getting confusing. According to reports, Jim Balsillie hasn’t completely shyed away from purchasing the Pittsburgh Penguins. Balsillie, as you well know, initiated his plans to purchase the Pens back in October, then pulled out abrubptly this past Friday after he and the NHL couldn’t come to purchasing terms. Well, apparently he’s back in the game.

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Ascendo DataVault reviewed



It’s no secret – er, rather, it should be, but we’ve got a lot of information to retain these days. On top of our daily responsibilities, we’ve got passwords to remember so we can complete those responsibilities. It’s companies like Ascendo that prove they care with offerings like DataVault: “a program for your BlackBerry that stores confidential information like passwords, credit cards, PINs, logins, etc. using “the most powerful encryption method available.”

We’ve looked at a competing product, SplashID before and have spent time with one of the first password managers developed for BlackBerry, Cryptmagic, and are more than prepared to bring you a solid comparative review on Ascendo’s latest gem, DataVault.

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20% off all purchases in BlackBerry Cool Store


It’s not too often we whore ourselves out (Lindsay Lohan takes care of that well enough for the entire human population). BUT! We want to let you know about the BlackBerry Cool Store. From now until January 15, you receive 20% any software purchase with the applicable coupon code (BBC20). So that’s just one change that’s happened lately at BBCool HQ – just wait for the bigger ones. “Did he say BIGGER?” Yeah, I said bigger. Go! Check out the store!

Makayama launches Mobile TV Center



The people at Makayama have been busy since we announced their Media Studio, and have just let us know the release of Mobile TV Center. According the press release that recently showed up in our inbox, Mobile TV Center “lets you watch recorded TV shows on more than 500 mobile devices, using your Windows Media Center (including the Blackberry Pearl and the 8800 as soon as it’s announced)”. Check out the entire press release after the jump and find out more at Makayama’s official product site.

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Mobile email: functional or dysfunctional?


frustratedprof.jpgHigh fives to the Globe and Mail for some great content as of late. While flipping through today’s paper, this little piece stuck out questioning the functionality of mobile email and it asks the question: how much BlackBerry is too much BlackBerry? These “Crackberry” type articles always get a big response, but at least now there’s been a study behind the facts. As it turns out, ‘Berry users can admit when their device is causing some dysfunction in their life, but can always turn around and point out the good that it provides, too.

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