Considering BlackBerry cases


choosecase.jpgOur good pal over at the forums, Stinsonddog, is well known for his BlackBerry-related tips & tricks. A while back we took a gander at some cases from Proporta and thrust our thumbs down so hard they went white(r) from blood loss. Thankfully, Stinsonddog’s got some great tips when it comes to picking out a case for your BlackBerry. Check them out after the jump.

Things to consider when looking for a case for your Blackberry

– Level of protection – does it cover the body and screen?
– Does the case have a sleeper magnet? This activates various Profile settings.
– Does the case have a belt clip, and if so does it lock around the belt? I have a strong preference for those that lock around the belt.
– Does the belt clip ratchet or swivel? A ratchet clip can lock in at various angles and a swivel clip moves the case freely around.
– Does the clip allow the case to be removed? This can be a handy feature when you want the clip to stay on the belt, but you need to put the case elsewhere.
– Does the Blackberry have to be removed to use it?
– Can the ringer/vibrate be heard/felt?
– Closure method – Velcro, magnetic etc.
– Material – leather, nylon, etc.

Great tips from a great BlackBerry resource. High fives, Stinsonddog. High fives.