ThoughtPiece: Predictions for 2007


3) Location-based services will take off this year in a big way and RIM will be a market leader. According to a study by In-Stat, what cell phone users really want are location based services. This makes perfect sense: this type of functionality is eminently practical and is a natural application on a device like the cell phone, which users typically carry with them at all times. I predict that in 2007 we will see LBS really take off in the cell phone market, and that RIM will be a leader, thanks to the 8800 series having embedded GPS along with a large, beautiful screen.

So there you have 3 of my predictions for this New Year. If any of you thoughtful readers have any that you’d like to add, I’d be very interested. No matter what our predictions, though, I think we would all agree that 2007 will be a very exciting year