The prim & proper BlackBerry user


Tired of people telling you what to do? Sorry, pal – it’s always going to happen, and leave it to sites like to fill you in on your right’s and wrong’s. Columnist Corey Weiner (no name jokes, promise) runs down a list of do’s and dont’s in the BlackBerry world, giving his two cents on BlackBerry etiquette.

“With technological greatness comes an innate responsibility to exercise sound, thoughtful judgment and maintain polite manners in a social setting when your colorful, multifunctional new toy begins to ring.”

His tips include having an email filter, saying “no” to a headset, and to just leave the BlackBerry behind.

“As a rule of thumb, leave your BlackBerry in the car when you find yourself meeting friends or a hot date in a restaurant or bar-type place. Creating awkwardness by walking away from your company as you answer the phone is not polite. I was once in the middle of a conversation with a young lady at dinner on New Year’s Eve in 2003 when she decided to check text messages after she missed a call. Case in point: She wound up having to use that little phone of hers to get a ride home that night if you get my drift.”