Canada’s insurance agencies to target distracted drivers


ohnoes.jpgSince cellphones became popular, they’ve been popular to use in vehicles. It’s no secret that distracted drivers (like the one’s checking their BlackBerry handhelds), contribute to a good number of accidents on the roads. Just last month we heard about a possible ban in Texas on mobile use in a vehicle, and now Canada’s getting ready to crack down on the CrackBerry as they’ve launched a $4 million campaign to discourage drivers from picking up their phones and other distractions while they’re on the road.

“A survey conducted for the bureau by polling firm Pollara suggests 89 per cent of Canadians believe too many drivers are distracted behind the wheel, but only 60 per cent are willing to do anything about it themselves, said bureau vice-president Mary Lou O’Reilly.

More than half of the 1,215 Canadians surveyed – 58 per cent – admitted to having recently driven while distracted. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they had recently witnessed distracted drivers in action.”

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