White Pearl officially announced by T-Mobile


tmo-pearl.jpgIf announcements were hot dogs and lackluster was a topping, it’d be piled on thick for this one. Ok, I’m sure some folks are excited, so we’ll give you the details on the white Pearl officially announced today by T-Mobile and RIM.

Like the Moto Razr and it’s colourful counterparts, none of the innerworkings of this albino Pearl are different than that of the “piano” black one, so no need to run to the store if you’re already sporting an 8100. To see what a RIM official has to say about the device, check after the jump. Full release is available here for the curious. Head to T-Mo’s site if you’re interested in picking this puppy Pearl up.

“The BlackBerry Pearl has proven that it’s possible to provide a full-featured handset at an attractive price point with an uncompromising user experience and an extremely small, light and stylish design,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Research In Motion. “We are delighted by the immediate success of the BlackBerry Pearl in the market and we are pleased to build on this momentum with the addition of another stunning color and finish.”