From pushing email to pushing the arts


musageteslogo.jpgWhat is it about RIM’s employees and their ability to only do work for the good of mankind? It’s beyond me, but I thought I’d take a brief second to let you know about Musagetes, a major arts foundation, and their Musagetes Cafe taking place in London, U.K. on January 26-28 and later in Toronto and Montreal. The Musagetes foundation was created by two former BlackBerry employees Michael Barnstijn and Louise MacCallum.

“(The Musagetes Cafe) will present a manifesto of unprecedented scope and content that intends to influence the role of creation and the arts in society. The manifesto will be supported by a number of prominent Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto arts, cultural and business leaders.”

For more information, check out the full press release here. Not too bad for a couple of people who used to push people’s buttons. Pushing it? Yeah, I thought so. But kudos, do-gooders, formerly of BlackBerry employment. Kudos.