MyUtils 3.0 reviewed


myutilslogo.jpgWith all of the gadgets we’re carrying these days, it’s a wonder why so many of us suffer from a case of “If I only had’s”. You know, like “Argh, if I only had a flashlight!”, or “Rats. If I could only convert these inches to centimetres!”, or the classic “If I only had a brain.” It’s thanks to programs like MyUtils from aBs jMicro for the BlackBerry that some of those frustrations are fading. And they’ll take care of that brain issue, too, by delegating all the work to the real brains of the operation: your BlackBerry.

MyUtils is comprised of nine little applications (all available separately from aBs JMicro), and we’ll give you a rundown and review of each. Check out our review of MyUtils after the jump.

I was able to pick up MyUtils from the BlackBerry Cool Store and install it onto my BlackBerry without any difficulty. You go through the same motions that you do with boatloads of other apps – download the zip file to your desktop, unzip , and load the appropriate files onto your BlackBerry using the Desktop Manager. There’s a small hitch to all the functionality that MyUtils provides – it gives you nine new app’s on your BlackBerry main interface as opposed to a singular “MyUtils” icon. I enjoy minimal scrolling, and this mucked everything up. But beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

I’ve talked enough about how many applications there are, how’s about I let you know what they are. The rundown: MyUnits, MyTip, MyFlashlight, MyExchanges, MyClock, IntlCodes, Holidays, ForwdCalc, and CrossCalc. All of the above are designed for ease of use and functionality. They work as they’re supposed to, I’ll tell you that much, and that’s all we can really hope for, right?

First on the docket is the precociously-named MyUnits. Each application starts up in the same way with a simple list of options tailored to the program and with the standard “Help”, “About”, and “Exit” options to boot. By choosing “Convert” you’re brought to a screen asking you exactly what you’d like to convert, be it area, clothing sizes, distance, temperature, volume, or mass. Finally, I can figure out how much I weigh in kg’s! Each option has a plethora of sub-options to choose from that pretty well covers the gamut when it comes to converting any unit of measurement.


What tool can you use to make sure your bartenders and servers are tipped inadequately? Why, MyTip, of course! I’ve spent my fair share of time in bars and restaurants and am used to seeing couples hunched over the bill and peering over coin to figure out the tip – it’s frustrating. With MyTip, you can either enter a default tax and tip percentage for your tips, or you can manually enter each when you enter the price of your meal and the number of patrons. So now you can walk away with piece of mind knowing you just ruined another kid’s night with your shoddy gratuity. Thanks, MyTip!

This next one’s a trip, let me tell you. I wasn’t sure what to expect with MyFlashlight, but whatever it was, I’m pretty sure I was disappointed. The app just turns your screen a blank white so you can find that, um, John Grisham book to read at 2 am. Just a white screen – nothing too exciting. This little letdown goes 2-for-1 though, as aBs JMicro notes that they included a “mirror” with MyFlashlight! Let me guess: if the flashlight is a white screen, then the mirror must be… yep, you got it: black. Both serve their functionality, albeit in a minimal sense.


Do those business trips end up costing you a mortgage in the long run when you find out how much that burger was with the exchange rate? MyExchange solves those qualms with a few simple clicks. Choose which currencies you’d like to swap from the lists in the “Settings” menu, set the exchange rate, and you may/may not be laughing all the way to bank. I’ve got to say that I’m loving how simple these are and how well these app’s work. Moving on.