RIM sent to the corner over filing deadlines


How quickly those darn tides can change. Just yesterday we let you know about RIM filing some financial papers, slowly getting toward the end target of filing their proper Q2 & Q3 results. What did officials have to say about the papers? No good, RIM. No good..

Lawrence M. Harris, an analyst with Oppenheimer, said the filings offered little significant information. He added, however, that cuts in the price of Research in Motion products by retailers might overshadow the company’s options issues.

“I’m a little more concerned about the handset pricing,” Mr. Harris said.

The article goes onto explain that Harris and the rest of his officials got a little worried when they noticed the price drop with the white Pearl coming out on T-Mobile for $149, $50 ahead of it’s predecessor. Let’s hope RIM gets their act together soon. I’d like to see a device past the 8800.