Simprit’s MiniRingtone reviewed


simpritlogo.jpgWant to annoy innocent bystanders with your own choice of ringtone as opposed to the ones that come standard on your BlackBerry? Applications like Simprit’s MiniRingtone make that possible by giving you the chance to rip mp3 files and songs from CD’s and chuck them onto your device as your new tone.

Being the huge nerd that I am (as well as being a Mac user) I decided to take the new iPhone ringtone and make it the default ring on my 8700r and give MiniRingtone a runthrough in the process. Check after the jump for our review of Simprit’s MiniRingtone.

As mentioned, Simprit’s MiniRingtone lets you take audio files directly off of your computer or CD’s and slap them onto your BlackBerry as your new ringtone. Being the nice folk that they are, Simprit let’s you forego the $19.95 list price for a free 15-day trial and recommend that everyone tries out the product before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your device (what thoughtful people).

The hitch to the free trial is that you can’t create ringtones longer than 3-seconds, so if you want Jay-Z to tell you to “get that dirt off your shoulders” right away when your phone rings, you’ll have to shell out the dough. Fortunately for me (and my pocket book), the iPhone ringtone chimes in at exactly 3 seconds, so no need to invest just yet.

A quick download from Simprit’s website lands the MiniRingtone .exe file right onto your desktop. A few seconds later, I had the program installed and a wizard awaiting my ringtone needs.


The wizard guides you through the ringtone creation process. First, you’ve got to choose what file you’re looking to get your attention when someone dials you up, in this case I’m looking for the iPhone mp3 file. Immediately upon opening the file, the sound file gets shown in a display with a timeline in the wizard. It’s here where you click and drag your mouse to map out which portion of your sound file you’d like as your new ringtone on your BlackBerry.


Once you’re set and satisfied with your selection, hit the next button and you’ll be given instructions on how to get this new tone into your BlackBerry library. You’re prompted to enter a username that’s used on Simprit’s database to organize the converted tunes from all of their users from across the board. Choose which format you’d like the ringtone to be in – you’ve got two options: an mp3 ringtone (for 8700, 7130, and 8100 devices) or an ADPCM ringtone (only for the 7100 series excluding the 7100i), and then decide whether you’d like to edit the decibel levels (up to +30 db) to really jolt you into answering your phone. Hit the “next” button once you’ve settled on everything, and you’re in business.

  • Beth

    I bought the mini-ringtone maker when I had my 2 Blackberries. I made lots of ringtones and they are in my vista music folder. Now I have all these ringtones and I have an iphone. How do I get them into my ringtone folder in my itunes library???