Jibi-Jabber: What would make BlackBerry better?


User suggestions for the ‘Improve BlackBerry’ initiative ranged from the ability to synchronize email through Desktop Manager to support for HTML messaging, from an equalizer for the Media Player to a built-in thermometer to report the current temperature (we’ll call it WeatherBerry). Here’s the laundry list of suggestions from our BlackBerryForums.com users:

• Software: Voice recording and translation to MemoPad
• Software: Voice recording to local storage, as opposed to MMS-only Voice Notes
• Software / Value-add: Full-featured Office application for editing documents on the device (a lot of work needs to be done to the current document viewer, as well)
• Software / Value-add: Unified IM application (although I suppose individual AIM, MSN clients should be released first)
• Software / Value-add: Integrated spellcheck

• Desktop Software: Email syncronization via BlackBerry Desktop Software – Not BES/BIS
• Desktop Software: Full support for Mac OSX and Linux distributions

• OS: Ability to disable automatic backlight dimming
• OS: Granular control for Backlight settings
• OS: Increased number of rings for profiles (current maximum is 3)
• OS: Browser bookmarks as icons/shortcuts
• OS: Time zone adjustment for travel (with no adverse impact on calendar or PIM)
• OS: Scheduling options from within PIM, contacts (e.g. – Meeting, Callback, Follow-up)

• OS / Browser: Ability to configure browser use based on email address a URL was delivered to ( e.g. – BIS uses Internet Browser; BES uses BlackBerry Browser)

• OS / Calendar: Ability to reply to appointment organizer(s) and attendees

• OS / Convenience: Ability to use green / key during email or text composition to send the message

• OS / Email: The ability to add a Email Filter (not a Category Filter) from within the Address Book / Contact
• OS / Email: Support for true HTML emails not conversion to Text
• OS / Email: Follow-up Flag support and integration for Exchange users
• OS / Email: Better conversion of HTML emails to text; let the device use it’s own URL parser rather than displaying the HTML code
• OS / Email: Ability to mark a message as a Calendar appointment or Task
• OS / Email: Ability to correctly parse Task Requests from Exchange/Outlook

• OS / Media: Equalizer for Media Player

• OS / Messaging: Ability to separate PIN messages, BIS mail from Messages
• OS / Messaging: Support for auto-sensing messaging for SMS/MMS, PIN, email based on input from user (e.g. – phone number, email address)

• OS / Phone: Number-to-letter mapping cheat sheet (ALT+Letter is alternative)

• OS / Software: Support for .vcs and .vcf Import/Export
• OS / Software: Non-“battery pull” reboot/reset for slim devices, either through menu option or key combination

• OS / Theme: Customizeable Today screen themes
• OS / Theme: More customization from the device within the theme (e.g. – Create folders, application/icon organization, etc)

• BIS: Expanded folder functionality
• BIS: Support for more BES-like functionality (wireless synchronization of PIM, Calendar, backups, etc)

• BIS / Spam: Ability to filter BCC messages

• BES: Web-based thin-client for management with all the features of desktop-based BlackBerry Manager
• BES / Value-add: Basic BES administration client

• Hardware: Larger keyboards on QWERTY
• Hardware: Bluetooth stereo for audio playback (A2DP profile)
• Hardware: Increased on-board memory

• Hardware / Convenience: Built-in thermometer, temperature gauge

  • Thought

    Great read, Jibi…not only are the suggestions all interesting, but esp. the idea that companies like RIM need to pay attention.

  • Thought

    Great read, Jibi…not only are the suggestions all interesting, but esp. the idea that companies like RIM need to pay attention.