New generation of CrackBerry addicts


First, let me quickly thank the Daily Report for grabbing this from the (subscription-based) Wall Street Journal. Now then. According to the… Daily Report, there’s a new breed of BlackBerry addicts, and they’re surfacing around noon hour in the same clothes as yesterday. Yes, we’re talking about the university and college contingent. And you know what? Even stay-at-home parents are picking them up. Maybe RIM doesn’t have to try that hard to get out into the consumer market.

Many consumers say the extra cost is worth it. Tina Gill, 35, a stay-at-home mom in Austin, Texas, uses her BlackBerry 7100g to keep up with the fluctuating schedules of her two children. She often receives email updates from her children’s golf and baseball coaches on where practice is being held that day.

She also uses it to look up directions to the locations of her daughter’s Girl Scout activities and respond to emails from her friends while she is running errands. “I’m on the road more than my husband, who has his computer in front of him,” Ms. Gill says.

The article mainly attributes this new breed to the Pearl, but even if it were in part responsible, you’ve got to believe that people just want to get connected even more. It seems like a smart idea at the time when you’re in school, but don’t come complaining to us when your grades are slipping while you’re busy checking your email in class. And the stay at home parents? While you’re playing BrickBreaker, your kids are starving in the kitchen waiting for dinner. What am I saying? It’s great that adoption rates for the BlackBerry are picking up, there just needs to be someone to step in and tell the folks to take it easy. Is that my job?

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